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E46 Convertible Battery : Should I pick normal or AGM?

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I have a 330Ci vert that I don't use a lot, battery is dead and I am deciding between buying a normal group 94 battery or an AGM.

From what I researched, I didn't find enough information about AGM batteries with E46 verts. I read that they have an special "anti-vibration" setup; which got me thinking that's what AGM batteries are for as a benefit. However, I think these batteries didn't even exist back then.

Any recommendations?
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I put this H8 size AGM battery from Advance in my 2004 330ci Coupe with 193k miles ~3 years ago now with no charging issues, or any other issues, so far. The spacer that was on the smaller battery I retained and zip tied it to the hold down in case I want to down size later. Car still has original alternator with original voltage regulator. I am expecting to have to do something with alternator at any time, which is why I’ve got one ready and waiting in a box in my garage. Nowadays the car only gets exercised about 400 miles a month.

Advance will send a 20 or 25% off coupon to your email, if you are registered with them, if you first look at the battery on line, then sign off. The coupon comes to your email, and then order on line to pick up at the store to get use of the coupon.

This battery even came with a ‘Made in Germany’ sticker on top.

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Not anymore unfortunately.

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