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  1. E46 M3
    Just recently bought my E46 M3 vert (hooray!) While driving at night, I can't seem to tell the distance between myself and cars behind, because the rear window (after the top is up) seems to be blurring out headlights from traffic behind. Is this normal? What would be the fix? Thanks guys!
  2. E30
    Hello everyone 🖐 We are Simon and Pierre , from France If you are interested, we are currently restoring a 1991 E30 320i Convertible, with our own means in our little garage ! Here is the last part in video, concerning the under body and the rear subframe :) English subtitles included on...
  3. DIY: Do It Yourself
    I had to change the front window regulator on my 2002 330Ci Convertible and made a very detailed DIY video to help anyone else that needs to do this. It's not a bad job at all once you see what to do!
  4. E46 General
    Apologies if this is the wrong area for posting - still finding my way around. New owner here - I have been looking for the name of the plastic cover for the fog light in the picture attached. My plastic bit has fallen out. Does anybody know what this is called or where I can find it? I have...
  5. E46 Convertible
    This must have been posted a few times now, but has anyone found a reasonable upgrade for convertible m3 seats? I want a 'sportier' seat but can't find anything without having to use a harness etc and don't want that as it's my daily driver. Is there anything that has built-in seatbelts?
  6. E46 General
    I have a 330Ci vert that I don't use a lot, battery is dead and I am deciding between buying a normal group 94 battery or an AGM. From what I researched, I didn't find enough information about AGM batteries with E46 verts. I read that they have an special "anti-vibration" setup; which got me...
  7. E46 Introductions
    Gooood Morning, Stumbled across this forum in my search for ALLL the knowledge of BMW's. I stayed up most of the night scrolling through a lot of the discussions. I just gotta say, this place seems like a BMW owners HEAVEN. On that note...I don't own a BMW....YET... I'm actually in the middle of...
  8. Suspension, Brakes
    Hi all. I recently purchased an H & R Touring Cup Kit for my 2004 325i convertible w/o factory sport package. H & R says this kit would lower the car 1.3" F and 1.2" R. I think the kit lowered the car even more, like maybe 2.0" F and R. Needless to say, bumps and dips in the road are an issue...
  9. Interior
    hi all, im looking to upgrade my all black convertible interior with a new set in any colour (besides the beige and grey) -imola red -champagne nappa -m3 kiwi -cinnamon etc if anyone has any thing hit me up :) cheers
  10. E46 M3
    I am thinking of purcahsing an E46 M3. Here is a picture of the under carriage of a 2003 E46 convertible taken from the rear of the car. I'm not sure if that's oil on the bottom of the differential cover (?) - do you see anything wrong? Apologies but just have this one picture to share.
  11. Exterior
    I have a removable hardtop in charcoal grey up for sale....asking 2000 obo. If anyone is interested I can send/post pics...just havent had time to take any with the rainy weather lately. Any questions let me know, thanks! located in central NC -Dan
  12. E46 General
    Hey does anyone own a set of original BMW e46 330ci convertible mud flaps. Looking to put them on my 2004 BMW convertible. Thanks
  13. E46 Convertible
    What part is broken so I can order that first? Thanks in advance to anyone who has the time to reply. Rehabbing my daughter's new 2001 E46 330ci vert has so many priorities that I haven't taken on the power top yet. But Spring is Coming....
  14. Exterior
    Looking to buy a hardtop for my '06 M3, located in Houston but I would be willing to drive as long as its around 5 or 6 hours. If not, I would gladly pay for shipping. Tired of dealing with scammers, no i will NOT email your "friend" that has one.
  15. E46 M3
    Hi Beamer Fanatics! So, I'm totally new to this forum and new to BMWs. I'm looking to purchase an BMW in the near future - but I have no idea of one model over another. This forum focuses on M3s, right, and M4s and M5s are also fine models. I have no idea how I'd go about choosing between these...
  16. E46 Convertible
    My center console was wearing so I decided to replace it over the weekend. When I pulled the arm rest and everything out. I noticed a cable that wasn’t plugged into anything. I moved it next to the rear ash tray light cable. See pics attached!
  17. Interior
    I’m looking for a Wind Deflector for my 2002 M3 Convertible. Local pick up only please. I’m in LA County in Southern California. Please PM me if you have one. Thank you!
  18. E46 General
    Hi all, I have a 2004 E46 convertible with the GM transmission. We have been tracking down a tranny fluid leak and it appears to be coming from the connection between the tranny Oil Cooler and the hose that goes to the Transmission. There are O-Rings in there that are likely the source of...
  19. E46 Convertible
    Hello fellow E46 lovers, A few days ago, I ran into the dreaded convertible top motor clicking when trying to latch all the way open or closed. I was afraid I would have to spend hundreds to fix this issue or just say screw it and drive with the top up until next year. However, I found a hack...
1-20 of 178 Results