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E46 Convertible Battery : Should I pick normal or AGM?

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I have a 330Ci vert that I don't use a lot, battery is dead and I am deciding between buying a normal group 94 battery or an AGM.

From what I researched, I didn't find enough information about AGM batteries with E46 verts. I read that they have an special "anti-vibration" setup; which got me thinking that's what AGM batteries are for as a benefit. However, I think these batteries didn't even exist back then.

Any recommendations?
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I've used regular wet cell batteries for many years in my cabrio. Couldnt see any advantage to almost double the price for AGM. Keep in mind you need H7.
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For $20, go AGM. When i shopped a year ago it was a 50% premium which didnt seem cost effective.
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