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I***8217;m currently running a pair of lightwerkz modded ZKW bi-xenon projectors and I***8217;ve about had it with the crappy OEM HID hardware. I***8217;ve been through more igniters and ballasts since I***8217;ve had the car, mind you the hardware replacements have all been used because $300+ for 15 year old tech is asinine.


The projectors are amazing and I certainly don***8217;t plan on getting rid of them. I figured an LED conversion is simple enough as there are plenty of D2S bulbs on the market these days. My concerns lie in heatsink/fan clearance and the rear boot.

Has anyone made the switch to LED hardware? I have also noticed that fanless designs have made an appearance on the scene. One guy on YouTube sliced a slit in the back of the boot through which he fed the fins. I see this as a plausible solution. Has anyone had experience with the finless bulbs?
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