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Soo.. i search and search and search.. and can't find anything on peoples ZHP and the mod bug...

soo.. i th ought to myself.. why not start a thread of ZHP owners who have mods... so lets here it people.. what have you done to your ZHP...

uh.. i haven't done anything yet.. still under break-in.. 2-3 more weeks.. and I'll definitely be ready.. :D

like ma bell, i got the...
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in order of completion:

OEM clears, all around - 400
SPP 9006 fog bulbs- 40
Debadged - 0
Benfer CAI (didn't fit, had to return) - 0
Blackout grille - 80
DDE Lightnings - 129
31% tint - 220

6 mods, $869

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In order:

///M valve caps
OEM wheel lockstuds
Euro firstaid kit
Euro warning triangle
Euro sliding tray (replaces cupholder)
Toolkit wheelpin
Factory alarm
M3 steering wheel
Aux input
Roller sunblind retrofit (WIP)

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UUC Clutch Stop
OEM wheel locks
Medium Tint (my guy doesnt give percents?)
CF Gruppe M

Coming "real soon"
OEM M3 Strut brace

Coming "some day"
Technik Stage 1 Software
Rogue Underdrive Pullies
M3 Mirrors

Coming "some year"
Technik Headers
Technik TB
Technik LSD (3.46)
Undecided Exaust
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