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Zaino Waxes

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For the past year now I continuously hear that Zaino waxes are the best ever, just wondering what it's advantage is over natural carnuba wax?

Also I will be travelling down to Daytona for Bike Week, is there any place to buy it in Florida?

Thanks for your help.:sil:
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Natural carnuba such as P21S will provide a deeper and wetter shine and luster, but won't last long. Usually 6-8 weeks. Zaino will last a lot longer and provides almost as good a shine and luster as P21S. It supposedly also protects the paint better as it seals it. Pro-carnuba people have said that is bad for the paint as it needs to breath :dunno:
let's not start the Zaino vs carnuba debate again :tsk:
Argghhh!!!!!!! from Jon Shafer at Cutters Motors over at bimmerfest. I have about 7 coats of Zaino on my car!!! :ben: :banghead: :ben:

"BMW of North America advises against the use of
any and all paint sealants. Many of those available may be
detrimental to the OEM finish in the future.
Sealants may not allow the finish to absorb the oxygen,
or “breathe.” Breathing is necessary to completely
and thoroughly cure.
If by chance the finish was not fully cured,
that inability to breathe can cause cracking, checking,
crazing and possible gloss failure. Actually, there is no
benefit to applying a sealant to today’s OEM high solids
basecoat and clear coat finishes. They do not enhance
the clear coat shine, and, in some manufacturer’s UV
tests, have proven to diminish the factory achieved gloss
level. To protect the finish on BMW Group vehicles,
we suggest the use of an approved pure carnauba
wax from Meguiar’s (“Gold Class” #26 or #27)."
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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