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For the past year now I continuously hear that Zaino waxes are the best ever, just wondering what it's advantage is over natural carnuba wax?

Also I will be travelling down to Daytona for Bike Week, is there any place to buy it in Florida?

Thanks for your help.:sil:

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Natural carnuba such as P21S will provide a deeper and wetter shine and luster, but won't last long. Usually 6-8 weeks. Zaino will last a lot longer and provides almost as good a shine and luster as P21S. It supposedly also protects the paint better as it seals it. Pro-carnuba people have said that is bad for the paint as it needs to breath :dunno:

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Pros: Durable, UV protection, Can be easy to apply/remove

Cons: Needs lots of coats to match the shine of a Carnuba wax, sometimes will magnify scratches/swirls in paint

Pros: Deep, Rich shine. Most are very easy to apply/remove (P21s, Pinnacle Souveran, Blitz), Will fill in swirls and imperfections in paint

Cons: Not as durable

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Zaino is one of the few products that really makes my silver car look wet! If you really want to educate yourself on all the types of products out there and how to really detail your car to the extreme run a search over at www.autopia.org They have a wealth of information and 100's of threads on Zaino.

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Argghhh!!!!!!! from Jon Shafer at Cutters Motors over at bimmerfest. I have about 7 coats of Zaino on my car!!! :ben: :banghead: :ben:

"BMW of North America advises against the use of
any and all paint sealants. Many of those available may be
detrimental to the OEM finish in the future.
Sealants may not allow the finish to absorb the oxygen,
or “breathe.” Breathing is necessary to completely
and thoroughly cure.
If by chance the finish was not fully cured,
that inability to breathe can cause cracking, checking,
crazing and possible gloss failure. Actually, there is no
benefit to applying a sealant to today’s OEM high solids
basecoat and clear coat finishes. They do not enhance
the clear coat shine, and, in some manufacturer’s UV
tests, have proven to diminish the factory achieved gloss
level. To protect the finish on BMW Group vehicles,
we suggest the use of an approved pure carnauba
wax from Meguiar’s (“Gold Class” #26 or #27)."

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That's an interesting quote about paint sealants. The body shop that I go to that does lots of BMWs wont let you use any wax or sealant until the paint cures. If it's a question of paint curing, nothing should be put on. Is there an advantage to Zainos over a clearcoat. Of course there is. Those mentioned above and essentially an additional removable clearcoat. If you scratch your clearcoat or have environmentals bond to or etch your clearcoat, you need to remove the layers of the clearcoat. The Zainos can be restored. I would recommend 5 coats of zainos over a properly prepped finish and then a coat of carnauba. You get the wax finish that is easily removable to protect the zainos which has UV protection to protect the paint/clearcoat. The zaino will easily last 6-12 months and you just rejuvenate the wax as usual. If your wax gets taken off accidentally, or you wax too infrequent, you have the zainos to back you up. The stuff is super easy to put on. It's a no brainer. Zainos. Seems rather strange to suggest paint sealants are a danger. How many thousands of BMWs and other cars must have been coated with zainos and has anyone heard of these theoretical problems occuring even on a brand new vehicle where you might worry about cure?

BTW: www.ecklers.com you can buy zainos by credit card online at the same prices

Here's Sal Zainos response:

I do not like dealer applied paint sealants... I totally agree with BMW on dealer applied paint sealants...

Zaino is not a paint sealant.... it fact, it is quite the exact opposite...

Zaino is a synthetic based polish system... that is totally breathing and flexible, like a second skin...

I am a custom painter by trade for over thirty years.
I am very familar with Dupont and PPG and all other paints.

Todays paint technology uses a chemical reaction caused by a catalyst
to cure the paint. Factory paint is fully cured in 36 to 48 hours.

Zaino contains no Wax, Harmful Silicones or Abrasives.....

The funny thing is that this same dealer who tells you to wait 30 days
before waxing, usually puts a coat of wax on your car when he preps
it. Sounds a little contradicting. Don't you think???

Polish your car as soon as you get it. That factory paint is already
cured and needs protection against airborne contaminants and UV rays.

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DropTopBM said:
Zaino is over rated

I happen to think Zaino is very underrated. I've been using it for two years now...and I'll never go back to carnuba wax.

Zaino is easy to use, lasts forever, and the shine is just unbelievable.

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