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Well, interesting results. First, the stuff is amazing and is easy to apply and buff. Today, however, was not as ideal as Zaino would like -- the first warm day in Toronto for 5 months!!! I would say optimum temp at least 60 degrees. Zaino 2 took a little too much time to dry (3 hours!) and was still a little sticky when we took it off -- the light was fading quickly.

The image is of fellow car nut, James' reflection in the hood in near-dark conditions, without flash. As you can see in the photo, the BMW roundel is a little out of focus, due to my crappy photo technique. Therefore, the hood refelection would have been sharper had the photo been clearer.

I'm hoping to do the second and third coat and Zaino 6 Enhancer when conditions are better. Stay tuned...

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