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Your e46 is a potential Goldmine!

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I did not know this but apparently a part of our car we all take for granted is an extremely RARE item. We are all apparently plopping our a$$es down every day on a piece of hard to find automotive gold!


Who knew that tan vinyl seats for an e46 were such a rare item? Mine must be even more so, since they are real leather. :)
Nothing serious here, I just got a laugh out of them being described as a "Very Rare" item. You may now go back to answering the important "What oil should I use" threads. I feel bad for distracting you from those burning questions with my silliness.
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Are the front seats for sale. I'd like to have brown leather fronts?? Let me know
Damn. I have a natural brown interior. Until this thread i had never seen another interior like mine. Btw it does look really nice in person. I love them
Lol, I've seen those seats on the local CL for a while now. I dunno what's up with the back seats but I don't think the ad is too exaggerated. That color is harder to come by.

If you want exaggeration you should see the ad someone listed for an E30 325IX... now that was a damn stretch, and in some cases straight BS

Here it is http://charlotte.craigslist.org/cto/2824969376.html
0-60 in an astonishing 5.8 seconds.

Lol - do u feel it like I do? The wind in my hair, pressed into my seatback straining to keep my grip on the wheel.
That whole interior looks like ass. Also, I'd never rock non-sport seats. Waste of time especially if you're going out of your way to install new seats.
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