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Well i have deduced that i will need all of the following parts for the entire Mtech kit and all pieces associated with it:

M-Technik AeroKit For Sedan without park distance control (pdc)

****Cover Rear Lower Valance (black piece not included in M Technik Kit 51 71 0 139 650/649)

Left Brake Air Duct

Right Brake Air Duct

Left Front Bumper Support

Right Front Bumper Support

Front Bumper Center Impact Strip (No License plate option)

Alternator cooling duct Lower Air Channel (Coupe and Cab only-Alternator; not included in M-Technik Kit 51 71 0 139 649/650)

Now my question is that if i buy the CF insert for the rear part ot the Mtech i will not have to buy (51-12-7-891-916
Cover Rear Lower Valance (black piece not included in MTechnik Kit 51 71 0 139 650/649)) Correct?

All the other parts i think i still need. Can anyone verify if this is correct. Also do you know how much that black piece costs, that i would not have to buy?
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