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OK, so I'll start off by saying that I've read this alignment thread AND this one on ZHP suspension differences.

I just had the BMW Performance suspension kit installed on my '00 323iT (with the obscure sports/premium package). So I kept my stock sport suspension springs and installed the ZHP control arms, the new shocks and bump stops, etc. Did NOT install the new sway bar because the existing one on my wagon was as big/bigger than the one in the kit.

About to get an alignment done. Car has the original Type 44 wheels w/ 225/45-17 summer tires on it.

Can I assume that nothing significant has changed with the addition of these new/different/better control arms that would make me deviate from the alignment settings put forth in that original thread? That is my assumption based on my reading thus far, but figured I'd see if anyone could/would tell me that I'm wrong
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