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Hi all,

I've read all the archives about XM radio installs, and all the info on the BMWPILA adapter, as well as the Blitzsafe adapters, but I am still a bit confused on a few points.

I recently picked up a 2003 BMW 330Ci, SP PP CWP, the HK stereo, and In-Dash CD player. (Does this mean it has DSP?)

I do not have the navigation.

I already own the Sony DRN-XM01C XM receiver:

I would like to continue using this receiver, rather than purchase a new one.

My idea is this:
1. Install the BMWPILA adapter into the CD changer mount point in the trunk. Run RCA cables from the front console in the car to the trunk, to connect the XM receiver to the BMWPILA adapter.

2. Power the XM receiver using the cigarette lighter adapter, which I already own. (Can anyone think of a better/more elegant way?)

I have read a few conflicting things about whether or not the BMWPILA adapter will work with an OEM Harmon Kardon stereo system. I have also read it might not work with DSP (I don't even know if I have DSP or not, but it seems like I do because I have HK)

So basically my question is this:
Will this work? Will my in-dash CD player still work? (I don't want to buy a CD changer -- I have no use for it and prefer in-dash access)

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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