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I recently acquired my second BMW, a 2005 330ci Convertible. I love XM radio and was pleased to find out that it can be installed so that I can use XM through my factory head unit. Great!

I purchased the Blitz-Safe adapter SLD-01 and the XM radio tuner, but cannot find the wiring in my trunk to connect it all to. I have seen several posts online detailing the install, but all are from 2008 or so and none seem to have pictures to show what I am looking for. My car has the logo showing it is prewired for CD (changer?).

I have looked on the driver's side rear area of the trunk behind the grey trunk liner but don't see anything "extra", all of the wiring is neatly zip-tied and nothing appears unused.

Any help in locating the wiring would be GREATLY appreciated so that I don't have to use my old, ugly-ass XM radio external unit.
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