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Some of you know that I put a xenon kit in my fogs.

Well I'm looking at my options to upgrade from the stock color to the 6000k.

I understand that the headlights use the D2S bulb, but my fog kit came with D2S bulbs as well.

Now I'm under the impression that D2S bulbs are for use with projectors (our headlights) and not free form lights (fogs). Now the phillips control units that these plug into with the 9006 sockets...would the D2R bulbs fit in those fine for my fogs? I've been looking at some stuff and I dont see why they wouldnt work.

I was thinking that it might be wise to switch to the other type of bulb for those, might get more effective lighting.

Comments? Am I right in assuming that getting D2R bulbs will work fine in my fogs?
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