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So I need a new xenon control module in my 2000 e46 328ci - just wondering if I can use a control module from any year of e46.

Realoem is saying the part # from my control module on my vehicle (61358376273) is found on all years of the e46. But a quick look on ebay is saying otherwise. Looking to do a budget fix - that's why I'm using ebay :thumbdwn:

Anyways - if someone could help me out that'd be gr8.
Any E46 prior to production of 9/2001 with Xenons should have the part you need. That part, the xenon ballast, is dependent on what lighting tech you have in the car, so any part other than that is not suitable. It was also equipped on the E38 through 09/1998 production.

Happy New Year!

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