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Well, after blowing both heads off of my beloved Camaro, I had a dilemma, rebuild it into a monster street/track car, or get something sensible and "grown up"

i chose the latter, Having been a long time BMW fan, i searched high and low and found my 330ci in steel blue with 5 speed and sports package, exactly how i wanted......:rolleyes::lmao: i wasn't satisfied for long

Halo's were installed the first week and later yellow fogs and an ebay m3 spoiler. i couldnt bare the amber tails and i searched around till i found just what i wanted, a set or RCR's 4 a coupe!!!!

love the paint job huh

Describing the sound system as "trash" would be a gross understatement, after weighing my options, I determined that i could build my own entire system for less than the cost of 4 BSW speakers. Its nothing spectacular, but what i have is a 2 din pioneer HU, 4 pioneer 6.5 components replacing the stock speakers, a 12 inch pioneer sub in a ported box, and 760 watt 2 channel amp pushing the sub. It sounds a billion times better....

and i was satisfied...... NOT!!

I wanted a more agressive sound so i got my muffler cut off and i ran flelex pipe in place of the muffler. it sounded :drool: and looked :eek:

The car stayed this way for a while, then i broke up with my girl in Jan..... and it begun.

I found some Bosch Bi-Xenon assembles on ebay and installed them into my headlight assembly with some e-bay 8000k HID's cuz DDM/apexicone wouldnt ship the ones i ordered from them and kept bs ing with me. New halo's 2

then i got wheels, 19 inch stern st-1's, and threw in some cross drilled rotors.

Cant have wheels without a drop!!!! HERE COME DA K-Sports, my fav. mod.

Headers 4 a hundred bux?!?!? sure, why the hell not?

These were such a bastard 2 install, i had no idea. my friend poses as I bust my knuckles. This is b4 the install started whoopin our a$$

I decided that it might be a good idea 2 swap cars with a friend and drive the sh!t out of each others cars, Bad idea. I can drive, he cant, He burned my clutch, I had it replaced w/ a stage 3 6puck and light weight flywheel.

Might as well just get an SSK :dunno:

then i hit a tire on the highway :censor: tractor trailors!!!:ben:

Mtech II time

Hmmm, might as well get that lip ive always wanted :dunno:

Didnt wanna drill holes in the new bumper and i kept getting front plate tickets so i made my own tow hook bracket

I was gonna sit back and chill after this, but then I got rear ended

While the car was in the shop getting the @ss fixed, i decided 2 ///OSS my headlight trim.

Mtech II time again in the rear :4ngie:

Might as well get quads now :dunno:

That covers all of the major stuff, I'm currently working on making all of my wood trim Steelblue, and there are a lot of electronics I have my eyes on. Everything Ive done to my car has been DIY by me with or without help except for the clutch. I have learned so much working on my car and surfing these forums. No way my car would be where it is without E46fanatics. Thanks to Euro-spec, and Paul @ ASP tuning for absolutely outstanding customer service, Thanks 2 all the members who have answered my PM's when ive had questions

Ive tried to remain unique as much as I can, however, I have stolen ideas and mimicked things I have really liked on my Favorite cars on this site: ///OSS (of course), BreakMyWallet, 2000_328Ci, and HighBoostin330. Shout outs 2 you guys. Also, shout outs 2 M3NoDrft, and DreamDriveDrift for helpin me take better pictures.

Heres how she sits 2day.

Future mods will be, Head unit upgrade, LED Tail ilghts (they finally got 2 me) Traditional smoked corners (been waiting over 2 months on shipping) and Quad projectors, Maybe even a little stretch-poke w/ spacers, i hate the way stretched tires look tho.

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dude... someones stealing your headers!

its gonna take them 12 hours

nice job.. all it's missing are some m3 sides/mirrors
im actually quite fond of the elephant ears, i would like a set of the acs mirrors like the e36

awesome transformation!
I wish I had the money for all this :p
Half of my mods were actually done out of necessity, er well i sort of reasoned it that way at least.

but legit work bro
see you tonight? at Fair Lakes?
4 sure, car is filthy tho.

Tell me about your quad exhaust set up!!!!
i tried 2 include links 4 all of my mods, check out the link and if u gave any ?'s ask away

car looks real proper. i prefer LED tails but those look alright. hamann style lip looks great :)

get some M3 sides!!
yeah, i like mine cuz theyre tastefull AND unique, but e46 led tails are sooooo mesmerizing and have finally made it on my want list.

Nice Stu :)

So does any eBay sellers have your number on speed dial? :p
NO, but i have theirs :eeps:

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love your car :bow:

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when i started reading this i was like, hmm i think there is a car like this on the boards already. >< opps.

nice build!
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