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I've had this intake since new in 2005, no real issues and it sounds great. There was a test of all the short ram intakes right around the time that I bought this thing and ECIS was the power/efficiency winner. Something like 6hp to the crank and 1 mpg actual increase. :p

This intake is best when used with a shark injector, and can throw a CEL if you don't have software.

I just want to switch back to stock and ditch this intake because I eventually want to swap to a 330 intake manifold anyway. I figure someone else will want this.

The filter on it is dirty but I'd be happy to clean it if someone wants to reuse it, I have plenty of K&N Filter Cleaner.

I'm asking $40 + your stock airbox, and you drive to me. That's about it!

Comes with heatshield, obviously. Sorry for the sideways picture.

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