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So, Clearly, I am in the market for an E46 M3 and after reading the classified here I think I'll find the best examples on this forum rather than your typical classified sites (ie craigslist).

I should start by mentioning that I Am Canadian living in Windsor, ON. But, I work in the states in the Detroit area. Having said that, a Canadian example is the holy grail (kms > miles :) ) - but for the right car I will am willing to travel to anywhere in north america!! I am looking to keep the price under 30k Canadian (~23k-ish USD) however I can realize value in some things more than others.

So lets break down "requirements" in a systematic way.

Absolute Musts:
-Manual Trans (No SMG!!)
-Cinnamon Interior
-No Rust
- '02 or newer.

Exterior Colours - In order of preference
-Oxford Green (so much want)
-Laguna Seca Blue
-CarbonSwarz (spelling? the dark dark "blue" paint)
-Imola Red
-White / Interlagos Blue
-Phoenix? Yellow
-Not interested in Silvers/Grays/Pure Blacks.

Value Adding Features (as interpreted by me)
-CSL or CSL Style (replica) 19" wheels
-CSL Trunk
-Moonroof (or Sunroof? whathaveyou)
-Cold Weather Package
-Rear Valence Inserts
-Service History + recalls
-Subframe re-enforcements
-VANOS repair
-A proper coilover kit maybe(I'm perfectly happy with stock setup so take that with a grain of salt)
-Sub 90k Miles/150k km's is desirable - but I see how meticulous some of the members here are.

Note that I am not looking for a heavily modified car. I'm not interested in anything with a Tune or any bolt-ons above and beyond a CSL intake and a quality exhaust. Remember, many mods make the car your own - and that's a double edged sword. I'll be hard pressed to acknowledge and pay for mods I wouldn't want to do myself.

I'm not sure what to expect from this - but who knows this could end up being the beginning of a very interesting story! I hope something comes up!

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I am selling my 03 M3.

Its Metallic Silver exterior and immoral red interior with lots of CSL mods._nr_
That's a nice M3 you've go there! Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I'm not looking for any silvers or grays - and also trying to avoid the Red interior. It also has more mods than I'm looking for but that's just me. Good luck with your sale, I'm sure that this is the perfect car for someone!_nr_
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