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Pivot Throttle Controller

As part of our continued efforts to bring you the best performance products from around the world, we are proud to introduce the Pivot line of products.Pivot has always been known for their advances in automotive electronic technology. Pivot has innovative elctronics such as voltage stabilizers, Throttle controllers, Turbo timers, Gauges and many more.

The Pivot 3-Drive Throttle Controller is an innovative device designed for drive-by-wire cars that gives you, the driver, the freedom to select the type of acceleration response you need or desire. A wide variety of response adjustment can be yours: from Sports Mode which gives you a keenly sharp response for speedy driving to a slower than normal response to enable eco-driving even without thinking about it.

- Sport Mode: Quick accelerator response (7 levels)
- Eco Mode: Slower accelerator reponse (5 levels)
- Normal Mode: Regular stock response

Ease of Use:
- One-touch selection between all the different modes
- Change modes on the fly
- Modes are saved even after the ignition is turned off
- Small digital display monitors degree of acceleration

Ease of installation:
- Comes with car specific wiring harness
- No wire splicing
- Connection to OBD port for power and controll
- small Controller/display allows for easy installation anywhere within hand reach

Check out installation instruction HERE

Why choose Pivot 3-Drive Throttle Controller?
There are quite a few throttle controllers on the market today, but none come close to the Pivot controller when it comes to fine tuning (12 modes + Normal mode). Pivot not only allows you to get into the "Sport" mode, but it allows you to retard the acceleration response in the "Eco" mode. The Eco mode is best when you 'valet' or lend your car to someone else (god forbid :)). It is also a great way to save fuel during in-city driving, especially for those with highly modified cars.

Limited Time Special (Ends July 5th): $395

Please feel free to call/email/pm to order!
This Special Ends on July 5th!

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