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I had some time today at work so I registered in the directory for California. Anyway, it asked you to list your mods, so I did. I didn't realize it, but dang I have a lot of mods for just owning the car for about 5 months. I also did a price list just to see how much it cost me......

$6667.00 ($5652.00 parts and $1015.00 for labor on certain things I couldn't do myself). Don't know if it should be a :thumbup: or a :cry: Just kidding, I love every mod I did and don't regret any of them at all. Still have a lot more to do. M3 Mirrors, VDO Gauges, Silver CF Trim...to name a few....Thanks for reading this long post...

Here is what I've done so far:

18" M3 Replicas
Aluminum Pedals
Bimmian Front European Plate Holder
Bimmian Interior Xenon Lights
Bimmian Jet Black Front and Rear Bumper Reflectors
Bimmian Roundel Jet Black Stickers
Custom Made Front European Plate
Dinan Cold Air Intake
Dinan Engine Software Stage I
Dinan Engine Software Stage II
Dinan Engine Software Stage III
Dinan Front Strut Bar
Dinan High Flow Throttle Body
DIY Painted Silver Side Markers
European Under Seat First Aid Kits: Driver and Passenger
Fiberdesign GenIV DAEs
Fiberdesign Silver Gauge Rings
Hamann Eyelids
NR Aluminum Gauge Cover
OEM M3 Dead Pedal
OEM M3 Spoiler
PIAA Super Plasma Fog Light Bulbs
Rear Fog/Brake Light Added
Rear Red Silvervisions From Polarg
Silvervision Bulbs For The Front
UUC Springs - On Order
UUC Sway Barbarians - On Order
UUC Twin Silencer Exhaust - On Order
Window Tint With The Dot Matrix Painted Over IT

Thanks again.

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Dayum....that's a long list!! But hey, at least you enjoyed each and single mod. :thumbup: :thumbup:

Guess modding the car is same as any hobby (or crack cocaine), once you start you can't stop!!:D :D

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Jano said:
It's a HUGE mistake to keep a list! Are you running a tab or something?:D

My advice is not to keep score!
if only it were that easy. i can't stop modding, i'm making $ and i've nothing use it on. I guess i'll just have to go a head and just get the H&R cupkit. :D oh well. maybe i'll learn how to save money in my next life time.

Btw, that is a very impressive list. I'd love to see the interior "xenon" lights in person. i've got some pretty dark tints and if no one can even see a difference i dont see it being worth the $60


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Dr Jekyll said:

Probably Craig. I think that I've spent a lot on my car, but when I see his list, I feel like my car is bone stock. :)
After Craig, I would think it's Daniel Choe. I mean, this guy's done so much custom body work (flared out fenders, shaved door handles, CSL trunk spoiler, molded GTR kit, black roof, M3 hood, list goes on and on). Plus he's got that supercharger, LMs, suspension, Brembos, etc.
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