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Hi, OK this is my first post so allow my noobism.......

I currently own a E46 convertible which is the 03 plate facelift model, it has electric heated seats with memory.

About two weeks ago I was waiting at the traffic lights and a cyclist flew past taking my wing mirror clean off in the process. I was quick to react and cornered him and proceeded to deal with the situation. He showed a lot of remorse and proceeded to reimburse me.

So now I was in the hunt for a new wing mirror on eBay, I found one for a steal at £90. I watch some videos on youtube and had a go.

Once I got the door card of and saw my mirror connections I realised I had bought a wing mirror with 6 pin (5 wires) and My car and the ribbon connector 3 wires. So anyway I continued with the install and thought there must be away to rewire the connection so I can get my tilt function back.

If anyone knows how to do this please respond

Thanks in advance
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