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Why the lack of xi mods?

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Specifically suspension.

I've talked to Bilstein, Koni, Eibach, FK. No applications at all and no ETA on applications. :dunno:

H&R coilovers, sport springs and KW variant1 coilovers are all we have right now. I would love someone to correct me on this, if I'm wrong.

Perhaps the aftermarket companies think that xi owners won't modify their cars? Is is tougher to make suspensions for AWD cars? What's going on? :confused:
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Some good news for xi owners. The "final beta" of the SwayBarbarians for the xi will be on cars withing the next 2 weeks or so. :D
Karl said:
According to sales figures, total sales of the xi in the USA are even less than the M3! :yikes:
And considering the practical nature of the car, you're less likely to have a boy-racer modder type of person purchasing an xi than an M3. So, the mod market for the xi is <i>very</i> small, at least in the US.
That makes sense, but sucks. Very limited in our choices. :sad:
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