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Why do E46's eat window regulators?

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I see that the drivers side has been replaced three times on my car.
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But why? The coupe glass is much bigger than the sedan glass. I’m sure it’s heavier, too.
That's always been the conundrum for me.
The ONLY answer I have come away with (and it's not even a good one) is distance between two uprights and possibly better weight distribution, creating less twisting on the up/down?
Agree with Sapote.
As soon as you start to hear the proverbial "tink" from the regulator cable, it's coming up on you.
Conversely the coupes, will tink for a couple of years before they need a regulator.

If I had to guess, my ratio of 4 dr. to 2 dr. regulators is about 7 to 1....
My driver's side has been doing the tink since I got the car.. in 2006. Still does it, it's a coupe :p
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Can someone post a close-up pic of the couple window regulator's elevator showing the plastic section that houses the two cable beads and the springs?
One of my favorite features of my European 316i E46 was manual hand crank windows in the rear. I knew I would never have to worry about that door panel coming off.

I can also relate that my 325xi sedan needed the window regulator replaced twice compared to my 323ci coupe which never needed it. I have also owned my 323ci for 8 years and put over 100,000 miles on it.

I would suggest OEM ones, but then I went and looked and holy crap, they are almost $500 from FCP Euro.
I see the original BMW regulator for $179 on FCP.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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