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Why are there so many *******s out there?!?!

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can someone please tell me? wtf, jealous people have serious problems. When I went back to my car after school today, my friend pointed out how I had a hole in my rear add-on, and he was wondering what it was. I had no idea what he was talking about and told him there was no hole. he said there was so i went to take a look, and see that there is a hole. some ******* drilled a hole through my rear add-on, and through my stock bumper. this really sux. I could understand if your mad at a person, or ur jealous, or w/e, but don't go around ****ing up their property!! I am so pissed off right now. How is somebody gonna take the time of day to drill a ****in hole in my car!!! I wish I could catch the person doing it too!! :ben: :ben: :ben: :ben: Now I have to pay to fix the rear add-on, and rear stock bumper. :banghead: :banghead:
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this type of stuff just pisses me off, i put some touch-up paint on it though to hide the hole a lil. God, i am so pissed, let me go take a quick pic
:ben: :ben: what a horrible day it's been. does anyone know around how much it would cost to fix, i'm guessing around the same price it was for me to paint and install?
Dalton said:
dude! rich wtf for real man! thats fukking weird!! y would someone drill a hole in your addon....strange...sorry man, i'll have to check this out on monday. you think it was done at school? maybe you should check the security camera tapes to be sure....
I know, but i really don't know if it was done at school or not, I went out for lunch today, maybe while it was in the lot, but i really don't know. I do plan on checking the tapes on monday. It was fine a couple days ago, and yesterday i didn't drive it so it had to be done today. So either it was at school, or when i was at lunch, or borders :dunno: the hole isn't that noticeable unless ur looking for it, cuz my car is black, and i used some touch-up paint, but still pisses the **** out of me:banghead:
Thanks guys, and yea, i just got it back a couple weeks ago. which just makes it all the more worse. the hole is about the thickness of a pencil, I was thinking maybe i can get one of those bumper plugs people use to cover their license plate screw holes to cover this hole until I fix it, you guys think it will work???
Sante3 said:
hey man i go prep i jus joined this site jus 2 see sum cars out there cuz my cuz has an M3 and i was jus reading ur thing..u should go see magdon and let him check the security cameras and he will be able 2 see who did it cuz they run 24-7 i think...Sante
thats what I plan on doing monday morning. What yr are u?
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