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Who would you use if you were gonna scrap a car

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Has anyone done this with a reputable site ?

I got 7k ,prob more than I would have got selling it

I'm getting old ,may be time to cut my losses and get a corolla xse

I have no idea where to start tho
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I was rear ended in oct ,ins gave.me 7k

I park it for winter so ,been on back burner

just got disability for.my back so ,mt days of car work are coming to a close

and we all.know these require work

Was gonna fix it but ,now I'm retiring so ,would be more practicle to get a.new car,I saw a corolla xse the other day,pretty nice

Yes ,would def.need to be cash deal

Im.no longer in bronx ,I'm near poughkeepsie
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Scrap places only offer like $100 in my area. A shame to send a well running car with a dent out like that. Post it here to highest bidder. Mechanical condition good?

Unbelievably sound ,why I was go na fix it ,but ,like I said

Getting old
“Straight outta da poughkeepsie”
just does not sound the same. LOL
I'm in poufhkeepsie

I'm out of f the bronx
I'll make a thread in classifieds next week ,then I'm out

Thanx to those that helped.me over the years

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