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BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz all make some nice cars, but when things start to go wrong, your wallet may not find them so nice. Of the top three German automakers, which is going to suck the most cash out of your pocket during ownership? put the German automakers against each other to see just that. is a site that links up UK car owners who post their repair needs, to repair shops who give quotes on the jobs. With over 45,000 customers and nearly 5,000 garages, they end up with a lot of data on what cars require the most maintenance, so they used it for the comparison.

According to their data, owning an Audi will get you higher maintenance costs than both Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Audi's repairs and maintenance averaged 31% higher than those of Mercedes. BMW end up a little above Mercedes, but still 19% below Audi. It didn't seem to matter which Audi you owned, the costs still remained higher. Normal services, such as brakes and other wear items seemed to be close for the brands, but when it came to larger more involved jobs, the Audi pulled ahead in costs. Audis also seemed to require more major work when they are newer, where Mercedes tended to need more expensive repairs when they started to get older, over 10 years. BMW repairs came on somewhere in the middle.

Interesting, so drive a newer BMW or Mercedes, maybe pick up an older Audi that has already had a bunch of the spendy work already completed.

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