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Hi people!

I've had a good trawl through this site, and think it's very helpful and informative - so wanted to say hello!

There is one issue that I'm buggered with though so any help would be great!

I've just bought a 330Ci Sport and love it, it's on an 01 and is marvellous. But, just after I bought it the sound would go off on the stereo - everything still working visually just no noise, so turn off the system then on again and it was fine until it did it again - with no real obvious reason why. Anyway, the other day it went off and that was that, now quiet as a doormouse. The TV, SAT Nav and radio/CD functions still appear to work on the screen just now't coming out of the speakers! I think I have the business setup as no alpine marks on it.

A mate told me that the E46's had amp issues, but, I'm working down in south Wales at the moment, and rang the local BM dealer who said that they couldn't say it was a regular problem or not and would charge me 60-odd quid to just try and diagnose the problem! As I'm not looking to have my pants down on it I thought I'd ask you guys for your knowledge and experience. I need some music - the journey home is 6 hours and it'll do my box in if I don't have music! LOL

Also as an aside, to replace the 2 din system is it best to go for the 7inch 16: system that i've seen on ebay, or an aftermarket sat nav/cd/dvd etc? and any suggestions on which ones?

Cheers guys, really appreciate any help!!!

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