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I am in the process of completing my halogen bi-xenon retrofit with Morimoto H1 3five kit from TRS.

I would like to know how to mount the ballasts to the headlight before I take out my old headlights.

I know that the OEM ballasts have a mount on the headlight itself, but they point up and don't protrude below the headlight.
My question is whether there is any space below the headlights to mount the Morimoto 3five ballast underneathe each headlight.
Is it possible or do the headlights slide into their mounting place on some brackets that will prevent anything being mounted below the headlight?

Here's the ballast.

Essentially, I'm trying to line up the metal strip running down the middle of the ballast with the holes on the bottom part of the headlight housing where the OEM ballasts go except have the ballast protrude down, not up. I cannot have it pointing up as the wires from the ballast get in the way. :(

Oh, and my car didn't come with xenons, so I don't have the factory ballast location on the driver's side and even if I did, the ballast cord will not reach there.

I am trying to complete this tonight, so any help is appreciated!

Thank you!
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