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This was from bavarian autosport, i am kinda in the dark i really dont know what oil to get for my car as with the oil filters, 330ci coupe 02 model
thanks anyone have any feedback please let me know

At Bavarian Autosport, we know that quality replacement parts keep BMWs in tip-top condition. That's why we recommend Mann oil filters and filter inserts. We use Mann oil filters on our BMWs--you should, too.

Part Number Description Price
11 42 1 427 908 Oil Filter - With Seal Ring

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You should definitely only use OE oil filters (Mann or Mahle). The parts store specials (Purolater, Fram, etc.) are usually LOWER quality than anything even the big 3 put in their cars. I bought a half dozen from a local dealer for about $5.00 each with my BMWCCA discount.

I have purchased teh BMW oil from the aprts counter with my BMWCCA discount for a little over $4.00 per quart. You can't go wrong with Mobil 1 in the appropriate viscosity either.

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