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when will the next generation of M3 come out

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thinking about trading my car for M3 around summer...but if the next generation M3 comes out in mid 2005 as 2006 model like the next generation 3 series then i might get somethign else Maybe the Z4 if they come out with a M roadster
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Just get the M, you got a couple years still :thumbup:
2005 i think.. V-8
Here's my take on it.

1999: E46 sedan release
2000: E46 coupe release
2001: E46 M3 release
2002: E46 sedan facelift
2003: E46 coupe facelift (although it will be an '04 model)
2004: E46 M3 facelift
2005: Next generation 3 series sedan
2006: Next generation 3 series coupe (although it will be called 4 series)
2007: Next generation M3

One generation in BMW = 6 years, with a facelift after 3
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The dealer told me that the 2006 facelift is fugly. It s gonna look similar to the 745 look. But hey, to each's own.
2007 is wayy off, might as well get your M3 now before the face-lift, then trade it in when the new M3 comes.
i thought the sedan was gonna come out in 2005 october as 2006 model ..cuz the E36 lasted 8 yrs??

if the new model comes out next october which is 2004 october as a 2005 model dont that seem really early??
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