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When will BMW USA website be updated?

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I'm just curious if anyone knows when BMW will update their website to reflect the 2004 coupes and convertbiles coming out soon. I know that in the past, BMW has typically put a little notice po-up window saying something along the lines of "2003 model year cars are limited to dealer inventory. The 2004 model year will be coming soon. Please check back to build your 2004."

I want to be able to go on and build a 2004 to check it out, since that is what I will be ordering. If anyone has this information, please post it. Thanks.
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in the past, with BMW mid year changes including engine or appearance changes BMW did not relabel their cars to the new year. For instance there are '95a models and 95' b models to reflect the midyear change of engine. This time around surprisingly with the new facelift in march or april the new year 2004 will be used.(rather than calling it a 2003b)

maybe this is the cause of some peoples confusion, they know that the new facelift is coming out this spring however they didnt realize it was going to be named a 2004.....:dunno:
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