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Wheels Spacers (yes I've searched)

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Wheels Spacers (I've searched!)

Looking for some direction on the issue of wheel spacers.

The background that you all will need:
2002 330ci with Sport Package
Eibach Pro-Kit
Breyton Visions 18x8.5 all around
235/40/18 tires

The new wheels definately closed the vertical gap between the wheels and fenders. However, I noticed that the front seems to be pushed out a bit further than the rears. I wanted to go ahead and balance the two, so I'm thinking a 5mm or 10mm spacer will do the trick.

However - after searching this board I've seen some posts that bring up "issues" regarding the H&R 10mm spacer. I'm also a bit concerned that the 10mm spacer may cause the rear to rub (rolling the fenders is not an option at this point).

So the basic questions:
1) Looking at a ruler, it doesn't seem that 5mm is all that much. Are those of you that used a 5mm spacer happy with the result? Was it even noticeable?

2) With the above set up, do you all think the 10mm spacer would be too much, and cause the tires to rub? Through the reading I've done, I'm sorry to say that I still don't understand the offset calculations, and I trust your experience.

3) I've also read that adding the spacers will create more wear and tear on the wheel bearings and drive train. Is there a definitive answer to this issue? Is it even an issue at all if you are only adding 5 - 10mm? (I'm thinking that the larger 15 - 30mm spacers would be more of an issue)

As always, thanks!
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Someone has to at least have an opinion on this?
Whatever offset Breyton Visions have.
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