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What my last 2 days consisted of... Not too bad for my first rash repair I guess. Feel free to ask any questions! really wasn't that difficult, just very time consuming. And didn't spend more than 100 bucks!

Alloy wheel Tire Rim Spoke Wheel

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Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Bumper

Auto part Rim Wheel Automotive tire Tire

Sky Rim Tire Cloud Automotive tire

Alloy wheel Rim Spoke Wheel Tire

Land vehicle Alloy wheel Vehicle Tire Spoke

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Could you let us know the process you went through?
yea np, ive had this curb rash ever sincce i bought the car. and its always bugged me, but dont really have the money to buy some 3k set of wheels so figured id just fix them. Also, i am not responible as to what happens when/if you do this project. attempt at your own risk

1st step was putting it on jack stands. PLEASE use the proper jacking points.
2nd remove all wheels (mine all had rash so figured id do them all)
3rd took the wheels to a tire shop to have the tires removed from the rim. (you dont have to but it makes the whole process alot easier)
4th soaked them down in some "simple green" degreaser. wash them really good.
5th depending on your wheels, mine had a clear coat on the lip. you have to remove this clear coat inorder to make the sanding process alot easier. so you strip the lip to bare aluminum by using "aircraft paint remover" you can buy this at your local advance auto parts ect. i took my center piece out so that i wouldnt accidently strip the paint on my center piece. coat the lip with the paint remover with a brush and let it set about 10-20 min untill all clear coat has been removed.
6th bolt the center piece to the rim and mount the rim to the rear axel. MAKE SURE THE CAR IS STABLE. i gave mine a good push to ensure no teatering or movement of the car. mine was VERY firm. i tried giving it a few good pushs and i actually dented the side of my car.... :censor:
ohwell, thats another project. learning PDR. lol
7th start the car and put it in 1st gear or idle if you have an automatic, 1st gear is pretty slow, pick a gear that is comfterable for you.
8th depending on the curb damage (mine was pretty damn deep) i took a file to the wheel while spinning to speed up the process. you want to get almost event with the rash all the way around. once it looks about even then comes wet sanding.
9th i used 300 600 800 1000 1500 2000 grit sand paper. took foreverrrrr. lol basically have a bucket full of water under the spinning wheel and dip your sand paper/spung into the bucket and keep it wet constantly. i dipped mine almost every 10 sec. be sure to take it out of gear every once and a while to see where your at.
10th once your happy with your smoothness next comes polishing. i used mothers aluminum wheel polish. works great and helps provide a seal for the aluminum since we stripped the clear coat. people say that if you strip the clear coat your wheel will oxidize really bad. FALSE. kinda. i did my wheels about a month 1/2 ago and just cleaned them today for the first timme. yes, they were alittle oxidized but afew passes with mothers aluminum wheel polsish and it was just like new. :thumbsup:

thats basically it. total i spent about $100. mainly because i work at advance auto parts and got the hook up on tire removal, mount and balance. :woot:
Let me know if you need any aditional details:bump:


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