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Wheel Spacers?????

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I have ACS Type III on my 330ci, with the H&R cupkit, and something still just doesn't look right. So I think I should get wheel spacers, what do you guys think? Some guy told me not to get them because my tires will rub is this true he said that there is a offset on 330ci!!!!!! Help please:dunno:


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u got pics that show the gap between the fender and wheel? and why does your cupkit drop look so high?
It depends on what width tires you are running and what size spacers you want to use.

I have 18x8.5 ACS Type3's with 7mm spacers with 235 tires and nothing rubs on my 330Ci with the cupkit or kw v2 coils.
Yea, I got the Cup kit installed, but it still doesn't look low the front looks better
coils and spacers:thumbup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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