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How big of a spacer in the rear do I need for my winter set?

Look at the below - do I need a 7mm spacer? OR will I be OK witha 10mm spacer for a more agressive look - I dont want them to rub, and I would Like to use the spacers on the stock in summer as well, unless they are going to rub way to much

Stock Set
Front wheels are 8JX19, offset 47, 225/40ZR19
Rears wheels are 9.5JX19, offset 27, 255/35ZR19

Winter Set
Rial Salerno Square Setup
Size: 17X8
Offset: 20mm
Backspacing: 5.19"
Bolt Pattern: 5 X 120
Rec. Tire Size: 225/50-17

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you dont NEED spacers, but theyd sure help fill out them rear fenders, with a 9.5" wide on a M3, id go with some 10s or 15s honestly.

winter setup could use 15s, 10s all around too, or 7s. 8" is pretty narrow so you'll be tucked like a school bus. :)
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