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Wheel and tire questions...

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Hello all,

I am new to the group and I have some quick questions for my 2002 330i spt/pkg ride...

This all started when my friend purchased his M3 with the conti tires changed for Pirelli tires and I now own those tires (225/40R-18 front, 255/35R-18 rear).

Now I am looking for wheels for these and I am looking at the 18"Breyton Visions. Since factory recommended 18" wheels are 8.0 (front) and 8.5 (rear) my questions are:

1) Will I have problems with the Breytons at 8.5 front and 9.5 rear? (I guess 8.0 does not exist for the visions?)
2) There are Visions with different offset for these sizes... what's the best combo for the stock 330i sports package.
3) Is there a recommendation for a different wheel (like the inspiration) if I don't want to roll the fenders.

Well I guess this paves the way down the mod highway for me, so thanks in advance for the help!


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First of all thanks for the reply!

I guess you don't think I should go with 18" 9.5 for the rear (and I guess since the 255x35 tire fits the 8.5 then why risk the rubbing...)

What I can do is just go with the 225/40R-18 for the front for now and then change next year for a 235x40x18 next time I change rubber...

Would 8.5 all around with the (255x35x18x8.5 front and 255x35x18.85 rear) combo have any detrimental handling / balance on the car? Also any input on the looks of it would be greatly appreciated.

PS: Can anyone post any info on tirerack deliveries to Canada?

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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