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get a set of used lowering springs and install them yourself. $200 tops.


You can go to Home Depot and buy a couple concrete blocks and a board. Bolt them to the board securely and place it in your trunk and front passenger seat.

Ok, I think I put a little thought into that 2nd one :lmao:

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If you mean cheap as in not getting sport shocks, then the best way is to lower the car with a very mild drop. Shock absorbers are also called dampers, b/c they dampen the forces induced from the bumps on the road. Without shocks your car would just oscillate up and down repeatedly after going over a bump. Lowering the car is usually done w/ a shorter spring w/ higher spring rate. This means the shock absorber is asked to dampen a given bump in a shorter time period and less suspension movement. The stock dampers are only designed to handle a certain level of force and will not dampen a lowered car adequately. Inadequate damping leads to bouncy ride in the short run and destroyed shocks in the long run.

You should get springs that doesn't lower the car much and has similar spring rates if you intend to keep the factory shocks. (UUC? H&R Sport?)

Or you can bite the bullet and opt for a set of high performance shocks (stock ones needs replacing sooner or later anyway) and lower the car a bit more if you desire.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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