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DropTopBM said:
Which shines the best and last the longest?

I use Tire Wet but its gone the next day.... Anything better? Anything that comes with a brush to apply the stuff?
Definitely go with Meguiars stuff. I ALWAYS put it in right after I wash it and then park it for the night. In the morning its nice and shiny, and it stays on for about 5-6 days, which is better then any other product I have tried. If you let it settle over night it won't fling onto your car, and it just looks great!

If you would like to really clean them well, use Meguiars "extra" all purpose cleaner, and spray it on the Tire (not the wheel) wipe it off, and your tires will be super clean. DON'T DO this in your driveway, or it will turn black. This stuff is powerful, and you'll be downright amazed at how much crap comes off the tires Then use the tire shine afterwards, and your car will look :pimpin:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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