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its seems strange, how would someone know all the mods he has just by looking at pictures, i mean, you can tell its a supercharger, but an ESS VT? how would a scammer get all those pics?

but then on the other side...
A- i thought he parted out a lot of his stuff already
B-He is one of the top modders meaning he knows his sh*t so why would put his car as a 2 door, 2002 when its a 4 door 2001?

i am just plain confused :dunno: maybe someone should ask the "Ultima" crew what the deal is...i know that the guy "Alan" on DTMpower.net and "RRBugz" know him, they all showed up at a meet together that i was at....maybe someone should ask them and find out what the deal is....:dunno:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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