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what has deeper dish hm2 or magics

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after looking at many photos i can't tell what wheel has a larger lip hm2 or magics in 18 x 8.5.
whould those who have these wheels be kind enough to get out the tape and mesure. also what are the weights
for 18 x 8.5 from what I have found hm2's weigh 24 lbs and magics weigh 28 lbs, but the info is sketchy at best, can the offsets change, are some hm2's deeper than others, must appoligise if my spelling is strange, have been drinking hard for some time now, any help is greatly appreciated.
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You are going from 18x8.5 to 19x9. It doesn't seem like the lip would change much, but the lip on the 19" Breyton Magic is WAY deeper than the lip on the 18". Of course, 19s weigh more than the 18s.
I can't remember riding on stocks. It's been so long. :D It's a little more sluggish when accelerating, b/c of the weight. The ride is pretty firm. But then again, I've upgraded my suspension. I suggest doing the same. I have 19x9s. I'd say the lip is 2-3in. I don't have the rim in front of me right now, but that is a good estimate. Cleaning is somewhat a pain in the arse. Multi-spoke rims are always going to be a pain to clean though. I'm thinking about changing brake pads to lessen the brake dust accumulations.
Big bob said:
thanks for the info, I do plan on going to coilovers when replacing the wheels, your sig and the old sig from the ultimate one where the inspirations for my desire to change, hey mabey I
should send you guys the bill,
Right.... send the bill my way. :loco: I'll send you my bill for the widebody.
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