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What extras to get when purchasin?

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I have been lookin into getting an M3 since my SLK has been stolen. Since I dont want and really cant wait 3 or 4 monthst to get a car I have been lookin around the Toronto area for dealers that have new M3's on their lots. I dont want a slighty used, would rather get a new one, so I know its been broken in properly and pluse I want to do it myself. Since most dealers around here are insisting list price, what extras should I ask for if Im payin full price. I was thinking along the lines of wheels locks, plus all season mats, plue the OEM alarm with the motion sensor installed, that sort of thing. Anyone else ever get these with purchase and is the OEM alarm upgrade worht the cost, Im really going to try to get them to throw it in. The car Im really lookin at right now is a new 2003, silver with blank interior, 19" rims. lumbar adjustable seats, rain sensor, they are askin roughly $77000CA for it. Thanks
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Im not really going to mod up an M3. not really much esle to do to it, except little things.
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