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What does a used car sales person use?

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Hey all, I am gonna be selling my Ford probe, and the components under the hood ie. the engine, heheh, are very dirty and greasy. I was just wondering, what do the used car sales people use to clean it when they pressure wash it. Like what kind of de-greaser do they use, and how do they do it, like will my car start after I drench the engine with water, like what should I cover.

Any info is appreciated. THANKS!

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someone posted a really good write-up about this awhile ago. do a search and u should find it. good luck w/ the sale :thumbup:
CP6NJA said:

heheh, Yeah, I remember that post, I read it, it was a great post, but the thing is, I don't want my engine bay to smell like WD 40 hehehehhehe.

so I was wondering if there was a more professional alternative.
why not just do it w/o spraying WD40? i used that GUNK engine bright stuff on my maxima and it worked great
CP6NJA said:
Ok, I went out and bought the GUNK stuff, hehehe

It says that I have to cover so many of these components, did you guys cover all of these components or just some?

And where did you wash it cause it says that you should not do it on a driveway?

i sprayed everything :D

just make sure you start the car after the final rinse and let it run for a few minutes or take it for a quick ride. let us know how it came out
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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