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What are the best overall subwoofers?

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Best in all categories such as Sound quality, bass, etc?
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depends on your requirements...but i would say(based on what ive read and feedback from other people):

which ones from these brands
JL Audio of course :thumbup:
You can also try Elemental Designs.....A Series.

Just ordered two 12s....arriving March 11.
Yes, the Brahma would do great! You can dump tons of power in that thing...! Great sub...but costly IMO
jl audio.
Try a Diamond TDX Sub range.. and trust me, you will not find a better sub for pure power and no loss in sound quality...
take a look at www.diamondaudio.com

you can then enter the products and sub page.. also look at dealer lookup tab and enter your zip code and check those dealers... or goto onlinecarstereo and other similar sites and vuy from them
how about the eclipse sub?

I would have to go with JL W7. Those are the best subs out right now in my opinion right now.

My friend only has 1 12w7 in his PT crusier and its so powerful. That thing is a freakin beast
id say the W7, love mine
I have 2 Soundstream Rubicon 12 inch.
I like em, they have a nice balance between bass and pure SQ.
playinJ30 said:
pure bass: Adire Brahma
pure sound: Focal Utopia

Best of both worlds: JL AUDIO W7's

On another site there was a test done on the Brahma and the W7, and the W7 was said to have a VERY SMALL advantage over the Brahma. But the W7's are costing close to twice as much. So IMO it is the Brahma if you can't see spending what JL is asking for the W7's, but if price is no object W7 ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!
I have a PPI PRO10 and I love it. Prob. one of the best speakers IMO. HARD to find though so good luck. Sounds GREAT ported AND sealed. Tried them both and honestly very little difference in SQ.
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