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I currently have heated, powered non-sport seats and I'm looking to upgrade to sport versions that have the same features.

I checked out a local german dismantler and they want $200 for a good-looking pair. Its an amazing price.

From the seat controls built into the base I can obviously tell they are powered; but is there a plug or wires I can look for to tell if they are heated? There are a surprising number of wires under the seat.
All I'm asking is if anyone knows how to tell by looking under the seat if the seat is heated.

The dismantler has a few pairs of seat and has no idea which may be heated. We checked the cars they came from and none of them have the center console intact.
I recently replaced my drivers seat cover from a complete passengers seat that I purchased and may have bought the seat from the same place, in Aurora?
Anyway, there are extra wires. There is one main harness connector. Off of that main seat harness connector, there is an additional small connector that is wire-tied to the bottom of the seat cushion. The back seat heater and bottom seat cushion heater both connect at that small junction and then go to the main harness connector. Hope this helps.
Its OFF TOPIC, but where did you guys find e46 in junkyard? I have been looking for a seat/cover forever and some parts like trunk carpet. I have heated/powered/sports seats but the bolster's are worn and the rear seat is worn to cloth at one spot(PO had a dog :facepalm: )

OP, there should be a separate plug/harness for the heating element. Compare the plugs on your non heated seats and see if you find the seats with an extra plug in the bunch of seats you are looking at.

Also if you could give me more info on the dismantler that would be great. I went to a couple of junkyards, but never could find an e46 in their inventory.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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