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Water spotting questions...

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My car has birdsh*t on it, and I sprayed it off with a hose (and the water dried onto my car.) But, I just washed my car and there is this stubborn water spotting. I zainoed my car and now I'm thinking that wasn't a good idea.

Do I now have to buff out the spots or what?

(P.S. I tried to wipe them off with water, gloss enhancer, etc... to no avail...)
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johnhab said:
Birdsh!t is highly acidic and contains all sorts of abrasive stuff they eat, like seeds, gravel, sand, etc.

Anyway, the acidity etches the paint, so you actually have to polish the spot out. Buy the mildest polish you can (Meguiars, P21 if they make it, Griot's, etc.) and you should be able to remove it no problem. Of course rewax it after you're done.
Is P21 a type of Meguiar's polish?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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