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Haven't been using my e46 much lately and I know the convertible drains are clogged up...
Last week rained really good here in Florida.
Water inside the car and trunk.

Saw the other day the brake lights were on, all dash lights were on (no key in ignition) and the button to the convertible top to raise and lower does nothing.
Battery is drained from this, but will charge and tackle the issues tomorrow.
I know there are plenty of posts about unclogging drains... But is the electrical a definitive answer?
Obviously something is wet/shorted/corroded... What's my best first actions?

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The lights could be on for 2 reasons.

1. The battery became low and the LCM (Light Control Module) was unable to handle the drop in battery Voltage and the logic became stupid and commanded some of the lights on.

2. The LCM, which is part of the headlight switch, got wet and the logic became stupid and commanded some of the lights on.

OR possibly a combination of 1 & 2 above.

Suggest you pull the LCM, also some of the E46 fires when parked have been due to the LCM possibly getting wet/corroded.

Search E46 fires on the forum here, there are quite a few.

Once the LCM is removed, you may want to consider a replacement or at least see if you can ope it and inspect the circuitry very carefully for damage and overheating.
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