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Come through with some replies so we can all benefit from it here.

1) When did you recently get your car inspected in Mass since the new Vehicle Inspection program went into effect (I believe in October of 2017).

2) Did you pass or fail?

3) If you failed, was it due to a mod, or something else? What was the failure reason?

4) Did you have mods on your car that passed Mass State Inspection?

I have read a bunch, and am concerned that they will give me a hassle over my Dinan exhaust rear sections on my M5. Laws seem to say "no louder than stock" of which basically described the Dinan, however it's extremely throaty at low rpm's, and whisper quiet if you're cruising down the road. Knowing that it will be driven into the inspection bay at low rpm's and it's so throaty, I really REALLY hope they do not give me problems with this. No way that stock section can go back on there as it's cut.

I got mine last inspected in September, 2017, immediately prior to the new inspection systems and cameras being put into place. So I am a virgin to this. Had a friend get his wife's car inspected and it failed for yellow fog lights and I think corner lights? But I am not sure why on the corner lights. That car was pretty much stock and after a quick bulb swap, passed.

For you all with older cars, I did read that if your car is at least 15 years or older, there is no more ODB II check, only safety. So that may benefit some of you who have a pesky check engine light and know what it is but don't want to fix it right now and are facing inspection soon with an older car.
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