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If you are perusing the wheel forums, thanks for taking the time to read. is proud to sponsor the E46 Fanatics Tire and Wheel Forum where you can discuss & get advice on wheels, tires and suspension.

As you know, visually and also for performance this is one of the best things you can do to your car to make it "yours" .

As for myself, I have over fifteen years of sales and testing experience here, and although I don't own an E46, I get to do quite a bit of testing on the Tire Racks test cars, which included three batches of E46 cars. I personally
owned an E36 M3 for over a decade, so I'm no stranger to joys BMW ownership. :D

Please call or email me directly :

As you can imagine The Tire Rack receives thousands of calls and occasionally you may get my voice mail when you call. I do return all messages that I receive as soon as possible, usually within just a few minutes of your call, so, please if you do get into my voice mail, please leave your name and return phone number.

You can also e-mail me directly at [email protected] During most of the year I can reply within a business day. During seasonally busy times or when I am out tire testing there may be more of a delay. Sometimes our company spam filter gets a little too ambitious, so if you do not receive a reply in a couple of business days, please resend your email.

When you have a specific question to post on the forum please start a new thread because it is very hard to find all of the questions hidden or buried in other threads.

For faster response you can use my name in the title of your thread. I will personally attempt to take care of every order that comes from E46Fanatics, but in order to process your order faster when you place it through the E46Fanatics UPGRADE GARAGE or through our web-site please be sure to type my name in the "previous contact" field or in the customer comments section towards the end of the order so that I can find it faster. Here is the direct link to our web site :


One thing worthy of mention on the forums is that your question has probably been asked by someone else before. Keep in mind how long the E46 has been out on the market and the tens of thousands of posts on this forum over that period of time. The archives have a gold mine of information in them! Learn to make use of the SEARCH feature that this forum has. It really IS one of the best & most useful search engines I have seen on the net, so LOOK for your question before you post to save time.

Thanks for stopping by, if you have any questions feel free to contact me!


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