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Void Warrenty Question

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Hey all,

I am just wondering if Dinan is the only company that does not void the warrenty?
thamks -chris:dunno:
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Yes its the only one, but you can get around voiding the warranty with other products
the only way your warrenty is voided is if BMW can prove that the cause of whatever you modded was what caused the problem. Otherwise your warrenty still is not voided. So by putting in a CAI, you only void the warrenty dealing with the airbox, and again that is only if it proven that the caused the problem. By the way, Dinan doesnt keep the warrenty from BMW, it actually matches the BMW warrenty to the remaining warrenty that is there. There has been cases were people were stuck in the middle, where BMW saying that Dinan should cover something, and Dinan saying that BMW should cover the warrenty on the samething.......
well you might get some other companys stuff warrentied....like bmw of sterling in VA does UUC also I believe and they wont void it if you get the stuff done there...but im not sure of any places in cali
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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