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First of all, greetings to all from Spain. This will be my first post on the forum, after finding it very useful for a long time.

The reason for it is that I have lately been feeling my 2001 330Ci to be slower that it's supposed to. Timed a few 0-60 runs and it is giving me a consistent result around 10seconds.

Spark plugs are new, oil and filter too. Just bought a fuel system cleaner to see if I notice any difference. Next on my checklist will be air filter, fuel filter, and if that doesn't get me close to 6 I'll go for the pump. After that, I'll check O2 sensors. That's the plan.

Do any of you guys have an idea of what could be so wrong that is taking 4 seconds out of a 0-60(dont say the driver, I'm not that lame :). Any other ideas?

I live in Madrid, with an elevation of 2000ft and daily Temps of around 86F. I guess that plays a role, could it be such a big one?

Thanks a lot guys.
Sounds like loss of power from VANOS.
How you done the dual vanos upgrades?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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